Sample essay on the christian empire

Saturday, April 11, 2015.

The beginning of the worship of the Christian emperor was marked by the period during which Constantine entered into force. The emperors believe in their responsibility to God because of the religious power that their followers displayed. Thus, they are responsible for keeping the ortox. However, policy decisions were not adopted by royal leaders but bishops. The Emperor was charged with the implementation of the policy, the elimination of deviations and the maintenance of religious harmony. His duty is to ensure that God is adored in his kingdom. The Church, on the other hand, was empowered to deal with the correct orthodoxy and strategies

When Diocletian came to power, he found an empire in a desperate situation, weakened by 50 years of war, epidemics and raids. Preservation and suffering associated with the people. Many peasants are tied to the land in the name of local masters to be safe. Different sections of the trade and agriculture sectors of the empire have already been in ruins. The currency loses value every day. The Empire was under intense pressure, and reforms were urgently needed in the armed forces. Even though the problems and suffering of people are obvious to Diocletian, the way in which decisions are taken has been seriously undermined. This has led him to focus on three main areas: security, the formation of a more competent government, and the protection of the emperor from the actions of rebels and assassinations. Diocletian was also committed to doubling the size of the army, which he further divided into two groups. He assigned each of the groups his own commander. The division of government into two groups with spate management, he was able to form an effective government. However, both units responded to the Roman emperor

Diocletian succeeded in establishing peace and order in the kingdom. In fact, in many cases he helped to give hope. However, his rule was another disaster when his economic policy refused to thrive. To contain this mess, he introduced the death penalty for people who opposed his price orders. Despite this, many of them continued to violate the decrees until his Government stopped the introduction. During this time, he successfully became the ruler of the western and eastern divisions of the Roman Empire

Based on the official declaration of the emperor on Christianity, the church received a significant elevator, as the faithful were allowed to confess freely. This has led to mosaism, spiritual life, which entails the rejection of the full exercise of religious work. In several Christian churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church, the monastery’s life is important

The four saints mentioned as Latin fathers were Jerome, Ambrose, Augustin and St. Gregory. They are also known as Doctors of the Church. As explorers, mentors and interpreters of God’s word, Fathers first mean the Church of Christ on earth.The early conversion of many people, especially from Germany to Christianity, depends to some extent on the reputation of the Christian Roman Empire among Europeans who are not Christians. Most Germans who had migrated there had adopted Christianity and orthodox beliefs that had been strictly drawn by the Catholic Church in their doctrines. In some cases, the permanent conversion of Germans to Christianity was voluntary, mainly among those who had ties to the Roman Empire. However, many, including those who lived outside the kingdom, began to convert to Christianity. Others were held and transformed only when their tribal tribes were settled in the empire

In the fourth century, Christianity was growing rapidly, and the entire empire of the Brizantian empire became a Christian kingdom. It has become one of the first empires in the world to be created on the basis of the doctrines of the Church. However, many people were motivated by pagan during the first period of the empire. When Christianity was well formulated, the church leadership was given the mandate of five patriarchs. After such a popular unit, the Orthodox Church was independent of the Western Church, which was the Roman Catholic Church. This led to the move of the center of power to Moscow. The church in the Byzantium Empire is largely dominated by the state with its leader, stationed in East Justinian. When the kingdom began to collapse, the team ceased to exist. During the reign of Ottoman sultans, power was exercised by the leaders of Constantinople, who also exerted political influence on their church members

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