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Thursday, 18 June 2015.

This magazine describes a wide range of educational programmes within MBA, which describe the specific achievements and skills acquired in each course, which I share with my personal growth and development. I have focused mainly on those areas that I think have had a significant impact on the entire programme. This is directly related to the connectivity and the transfer of the various aspects that I plan to implement as I carry out environmental work. It is important to note that these approaches will further deepen my experience and experience by borrowing what I would have done differently. However, a balanced analog character does not mean that other courses are not relevant to my course, because the training magazine has had major determinants

As a student of MBA, I improve the art of planning, management, organization and successful coordination, especially in a complex environment characterized by private and public. It is important to note that all these activities should be carried out within the framework of existing legal and social structures. In fact, ethics was one of the pillars of the programme. In particular, my own culture is different from that of that country. However, price diversity is the best way to teach ethics. This is because some people consider ethical in some parts of the world to be unethical

The development and implementation of the strategy has had a major impact on my understanding of the business. In the course of this program, I realized that I can see things from a broader perspective, and I have always been motivated to participate in the team in order to achieve the goals and objectives. Although I mentioned this in-depth in my biography and during the interview, the visualization of myself in the group that the organization found was not as simple as that. This was very significant and memorable, when the tutor outlined the steps that had been taken in the development of the strategy

As a customer service representative in the Berlitz language institute, I highly appreciated the role of communication and excellent interpersonal communication skills in business management. Upon completion of this MBA program, I am sure that I would approach the same task in a different way and achieve better results if the same task had been completed. Although I will still be using communication and interpersonal communication skills, the MBA program changed its mental application. Given these skills, I see a shift in focus with a high probability that we need to go into business marketing. Through the Marketing Management program, I highly appreciate the significance of marketing in order to enter the market. I also have an understanding of various marketing attributes that pass through training, which deals with market segmentation, target market, marketing marketing, competitor analysis, market research, marketing strategies, and promotion planning

After the internalization of the situation at Berlitz in the second year the ceiling was fixed. During this time, businesses largely depended on the existing market for those who continued to participate in the university’s secondary school enrolment. In this approach, the market niche serves the needs of students as a whole. Although this was an excellent market approach, the university was unable to meet the growing needs in evening classes for employees of working classes who sought to be enrolled in various courses. With the expansion of the working class market and the demand for evening and weekend programmes, I would be a key player in the development of a marketing strategy different from the traditional approach

With this program I learned how to develop a strategy and visualize the strategic plan for Al Salam

After SWOT analysis of the business based on my memory, I realized that the firm was affected by the lack of a strategic business plan. This could be the result of a restriction on the use of the health care system in Saudi Arabia to obtain medical assistance in the form of a product that would capture those expatriates unable to access health services in public hospitals. This error is due to the use of the Arabic language in the brandy business, the untied orientation of this market segment and the biased attention to local residents

In addition, this program covers project management, which is a key course that provides me with the skills to work in the team. From my biography, you can see that the work in the team is no longer a challenge to me, with a diverse cultural background, which allows me to get results for a certain period of time. I used this attribute all the time, as my point of sale, when I go to the interview. However, I may have missed the mark, assuming that the multicultural society is aware of the desire for groups of different ages, levels of education, race and religion. Where groups have almost the same level of education, the same age group, as well as race, and where color is not important, then as a team player, personal efforts are also required

It is important to note that the project management classes are primarily aimed at creating teams and working on practical projects within a given time frame. I have been exposed to a number of aspects of the projects, including the development of tasks, project management, setting up, stakeholders and resources. We also covered the project manager’s tasks along with the organizational details of the projects. To do this, we had lectures on management styles that we should expect in different organizations.  We have carried out a number of projects under the leadership of the team members and defined the management styles in action. Through a personal assessment, I was able to agree with the results of a survey conducted among classmates who saw me as leaders. This has resulted in my career dream from being able to implement ideas in the design of systems that change in any environment. As such, I have come to a preference for administrative and business roles through early structural planning. The advantage of this is the ability to overcome pressure during group discussions and visualize strategies before actual implementation

Learning something new has always been my principle. I’ve demonstrated it through my work experience, as I’ve always been a few miles to hit the target. I now have a basis for my career following courses in the fields of science, financial accounting, business statistics and accounting in this MBA program. I must say, however, that I experienced great difficulties in the early stages of the programme, as I had no experience in management, since I thought that accounting only needed accountants. With a degree and a degree in public relations, I needed a job with an accountant. With the passage of time, I noted with appreciation that the management of business, business statistics and financial accounting were different from the mentality of “natural sciences”, which I had planned before. Because of my desire to learn something new, I got competence in a field I never thought of. This MBA program also contributes to my analytical and problem skills since I feel comfortable and well equipped with financial reporting, analysis and interpretation

With macroeconomics and microeconomic units in the program, I have acquired the skills to predict market forces at all time. The microeconomics course covers market forces, such as supply and demand, cost analysis, pricing mechanisms and resource allocation. On the other hand, macroeconomics is focused on unemployment, inflation, economic growth and monetary policy. Because of the knowledge of this section of the program, I was able to understand the principles of the market, allowing me to take into account the external and internal factors that affect the business. Obviously, the microeconomic section that specializes in theoretical application with minimal practical approaches. I only got the concepts to visualize the problems based on my real-life experience

The course was a milestone in the expansion of existing knowledge and the addition of new skills in finance, human management, accounting, marketing, economics and international business. I must confess that the programme has drawn up a strategic decision-making process. With this knowledge, I seek to improve the lives of women and children in Saudi Arabia, as the world sees these people through a restrictive culture. Although this study and discussion are related to many areas of business management, it has not been able to solve the organizational structures that can be used to improve health and education. When I return to my country, I look forward to working closely with vulnerable groups to stimulate change in Saudi Arabia. Now that I’ve realized this problem, I need to develop a strategy to fight it by applying everything I learned in my MBA program

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