Sample essay on the statement on desire to enter a program

Saturday, 21 November 2015.

My statement of desire is related to the Master’s degree programme offered at the University of Cape Breton University. I am a citizen of Saudi Arabia with a desire to continue his work at the university. I now have a degree in the economic development of the community from the same university. I want a second degree in this university because of the various services offered by the institution. As a result of the exclusive programs offered by universities, I won a lot. In this regard, the Cape is my passion-to continue the cooperation I like at the university. Cape Breton University is one of the best universities in the world that are relevant to its scientific programmes, which are well formulated. In addition, the proposed programmes take into account all students, regardless of their cultural and social orientation. Thus, I was able to learn a lot, while in the program to the degree, I was able to enjoy both economic and social interaction with the institute

As a student who continues to work in the area of business administration, I must pay tribute to this institution for the excellent work it has done in the process of transforming my economic and social well-being. The greatest desire is that I have acquired the skills to transform life from the university. The University has achieved many successes as a result of the institutional programmes that have been put in place. Thus, the fraternity of the students today enjoys the self-sufficiency and pride that they have acquired at the university. For example, I witnessed the fact that most of the professional staff confirmed their skills that they had come out of the university, thereby strengthening my desire for a readmission

While working with my bachelor’s degree in university, I was given a good treatment and, ultimately, I was given a professional qualification. Business administration is a subject that changes life because it increases students ‘ trust. The knowledge and skills in this area are exceptional, since all students have a guaranteed understanding. This is complemented by the high level of competence demonstrated by the lecturers. The Institute also provides the competent staff with the best means to do so. With a high level of competence, I am confident that I must carry out my duties as a student not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. In addition to competence, the university also offers a curriculum that reflects the current demand for labour on the market. On the basis of my level, I must confess that there is a great incentive in my life, as many of them are a social mentor. My knowledge and experience in my country have proved to be of use to society as a whole. Business administration includes the adoption of important leadership methods in modern society. The acquisition of these skills helps pupils to carry out daily activities. The skills of the academic and social skills I received from the university have also created excellent leadership skills. For example, in the last few years, after joining the supermarket, I have become a part of the mind that is thinking about self-reliance and a group that believes in the provision of services in society

My agreement with the Master’s program will help me to understand the skills I have not acquired. My belief is that serving the society and achieving the difference between people and I feel that I have enough Beregelers enough to have enough intent to reach the community. In addition, I must build confidence that my potential and reputation cannot be challenged, as I have applied them in the various contexts of operations that constitute life. Cape Breton Breton child, as well as the home of those achievements, and there is no interest that does not belong to this institution. In addition, the agency also falls into the category of centres of excellence around the world. The University’s reputation in society is very high, and all people have for a long time been part of the process of changing life, which are part of the university. As a student, I consider my current state of knowledge to improve and expand my skills. The amazing social postcards and work experience in selected key areas of the university’s activities. In the social context, the university also recognizes every faith and religion and creates an important social dimension in relation to freedom of religion

The Master’s programme is an aspect of learning through which the university plays an important role. My wish is to join the group of alumni with the appropriate community development skills. The community at the global level needs alumni with great potential in the economy and with an academic and moral obligation to apply the skills they acquired during the transformation of life

This is part of the great achievements I seek from the university after I have been accepted under the leadership of the master

My previous work in the past, while the campus was great, as I always did with the university. At the time I was a student, I managed various social operations. For example, my individuality during group work and other complementary training programs have earned me the honor and reputation not only within but also beyond campus. The Guide for Spirit and Cooperation is of great importance in the field of education, which is offered at the university. Unlike other universities, the University offers training which is the exclusive capture of all fields of diversity. In conclusion, I wish to say that I have a desire to join the programmes that are well supported by the evidence and which are available at the university. My inspiration, hopes and expectations are aimed at transforming society through the skills that I get from the university. I look forward to your letter of approval, and I promise to cooperate with you in full

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